Just an Update!

I started writing from 13th Aug. I wrote 5 days & then stopped. So today I am going to write about the days 18,19,20 & 21. So this is about 4 days update!
18th Aug, 2020
That day started with Yuval Noah Harari. It was the interview of him with Natali Portman. An amazing one. Harari is a Historian, Psychologist from Israel. I really love his perspective. The whole day went with him. One by one I watched video of him. If I am good with my memory, then I came to know about him when I bought his book Sapiens. Such a wonderful book. But I still didn’t finish reading that book. It is so death one to me. So it takes years I guess!! After that I started to search about him. I watched his TED talk & other videos too. His books are best selling books in the world. I will write separately about him. In the end I watched a movie called Vellai pookal of vivek film. It’s a detective kind of movie. Even though he is a comedian, he acted very well. The story & screenplay is too good. I really enjoyed. The climax twist is awesome that I didt expect. So I slept lately around 2o clock. I did nothing in job search.
19th Aug, 2020
I woke up lately, And I drowned into science. I was thinking about Time. Tried to understand it by watching videos. But I could not understand it really! End of the day, I wrote in my note after a long time. It is my writing about Sirithu velicham by S.RA. I already finished reading it. I noted down the best sentences he wrote & I am writing about my views. So I wrote about 5 pages. Writing makes me feel good. It makes me calm. I only wrote 5% about the book. I rarely get mood to write about it. But That’s okay! I was really happy that night & slept peacefully. I didt plan anything for next day.
20th Aug, 2020
I did some exercise today. Skipping & some other basic exercise. I played chess more today! I reached 1000 points today in 3 mints game! Its my achievement!! I tried very hard finally done! So the day went this is how!
21’st Aug, 2020
Today also I played chess & keeping my score above 1000 points. I didn’t do exercise today. But I played Badminton (Just wall practice). Today is Abdullah birthday. He is a very good friend of mine. Always support me in my hard times. I did nothing in job search fro the past 5 days. Today I received mail from TITAN company that they don’t have opening up to march 2021. At lest I got reply! Seems like this word press account is my diary! But I want to ensure my writing! So whatever it may be, I should keep writing. So tomorrow Saturday. Nothing much as it is lockdown. But tomorrow I have to do some useful stuffs. I have to plan while I go to sleep. Lets see!

9503, 9504, 9505, 9506!


Face the Issue!

As i planned yesterday, i woke up at 6.58!! I did some walking. Started some slow exercises. I drunk enough water. It was cloudy so i didn’t get sun light. I slept once i did some exercises!! As per plan, i watched a movie, talked with friend, no job search, started about document work. But i didn’t write about things i want to do as i planned yesterday. And podcast, may be now!
The day was.. Yeah pretty good! But at the end of the day.. I got bad mood. Coz ik already told about a issue with family. That problem went to another stage.
And it may be worse in coming days.
Today i heard the book review of “The morning Miracle”..
I like the quote
“If you want your life to be different, you need to be ready to do that!”
Yeah, i want my life to be a different!
But i am afraid to lose something behind!
I am afraid to change!
No one will handle my situation, i have to face it!
So this problem may be very adventurous or may not!
But i have to face this..
I don’t plan for tomorrow but
1) I have to wake up early,
2) Do some exercise,
3) Drink more water,
4) Be calm whatever happens!
5) live the day!


Bored Sunday! – Then Change it!

Today… Something a bored day. I felt Yesterday itself! – To plan something or the day will not go well! As i thought it did not go well.To be productive i watched some videos – eat the frog story was good. And i opened autocad & practiced some very basic (just to make sure i am doing something) I randomly applied to companies through timesindia.I played chess.I watched some badminton matches (best & funny shots).. It remember me my game..it was good

Yesterday Dhoni & raina retired from cricket! Heart broking news! Its not because i am gonna miss his matches. I realize the TIME!There was a time i was mad on cricket. 2011 WORLDCUP.. such a team! Those days are my the best time! So really i felt bad about his retirement. I tried to avoid social media just to be calm. I did this when Sachin retired! From then i rarely watch cricket! I try to write more.. But my mind don’t cooperate with me .. So i couldn’t write well.. I feel like i want to go outside.. Its been too long.. This Lockdown.. Sucks.. I really want to go out..

Okay everthing depends on me! Its my mind!

I should make it happen.. I have the control ryt?..Okay Bowsal, lets change it..Tomorrow Monday, lets start some exercises..

Tomorrow plan –

1) wake up before 7

2) Do exercise

3) get more sunlight

4) drink more water

5) watch any movie on TV

6) talk with friends

7) No job search or work related things

8) start documents work

9) Write down what are all the things you want to do (its funny)

10) hear some podcast

So tomorrow will be the fun day.. To regain myself!!



Cover letter & Life skill!

Today target –


I planned 10 companies, I couldn’t! That’s ok. I started somehow & done the 50%. So its my success day!

These companies are Energy & Environment especially water based companies. I would love to work in this field as I care about my earth & its environment. These companies profile also good.
TITAN – TATA group. Mr.Ratan Tata is one of my inspiration. I could find many good things about him like He is doing a lot to the society. So I really love to work for their organization.
ION EXCHANGE, VA WABAG, SUEZ TECHNOLOGIES – These companies are water based companies. So obviously my favourite companies.
& LOGICLADDER – Energy & Environment technology provider. Compared to those 4 companies, it is a small organization. But They provide IOT related products to Energy & Environment especially water based industry. I feel I could get good future opportunity if I work here. So I applied to them

While applying, I wrote Cover letter on my own based on the job description & the company profile. I am not sure whether my letter is professional or not. But I am sure that is true. I wrote what I really thought about the job.
I am eagerly waiting for their reply not to be selected but to attend the interview boldly. I want to know about my technical & communication skills. So they may call me or not. My aim is to apply more & get interview calls. Once I am done with my fears on interview, I will start to expect offer letters.

The second target INTERVIEW PREPARATION – didn’t do.
I have some family issues like every other girl. So my time spent on that topic. When I got that issue I was super angry. Then I remembered one of my friend’s saying that…
The best life skills are
1) Calmness under pressure
2) Openness to learning
3) Desire to change
4) Flexibility

Now I need the first one, CALMNESS UNDER PRESSURE. I did rethink about the problem. Then I got the exact issue & its solution, so now I am calm & dare to face the issue.
Sometimes your self ego wont allow you to see the real problem.
Sometimes it wont allow you to take the right decision that is best for you at that time.
So you need to be calm & see the real insight. I am sure, you wont get good things from your ego but if you control your ego you will get many good things..
But you may ask how to be calm? – You can think about your loved one at that time, He/She will surely make you calm! His/Her LOVE will surely make you calm! I believe in LOVE! (This is my tips)
So somehow, I practiced life skill today!!
Okay now tomorrow target –
1) Search for companies who provide Energy & Environment technology based on IOT
2) Learn something new
3) Practice communication skills
Okay lets see tomorrow..


My New target – 10,000 days challenge!

Before talking about yesterday’s continuation, i want to tell you one thing.. I have a new short term target to achieve. I know I want to work as an INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION ENGINEER in site. But before that I have to find a job within my 10,000th day! So this is how the job should be…

  1. Job in Engineering
  2. 35,000 rs take home salary

So now I have 501 days from tomorrow itself. Before December 30th,2021 I should get this job. Okay Today I am going to confess about myself that..some truths..I am now jobless, have to find job. But I am not searching job wholeheartedly. Because I am afraid to do so. My fears are

I am not technically sound enough

My inferior though about my communication in English

I don’t have proper government proofs like Adhaar car, pan card, driving licence, passport.

These things keep me away from my job search. So I have to overcome my fears.. To overcome these excuses, I must start somewhere. This is what my boss used to say. He is like “Start something like trash, then we can make it properly”. So from tomorrow onwards I am going to actively apply for companies.

Tomorrow target –




Slowly I have to increase these works..Lets see tomorrow




Why I want to be an AUTOMATION ENGINEER or CONTROL ENGINEER especially in Water Treatment Plant?

Because – I need a Job to work

But why Industrial Automation field?

Because – After Engineering I choose to do Automation course & did it as I thought AUTOMATION would be the future. I got job in that field but not in exact projects.

Okay, But why now you need to work in projects?

Because – By working in real time project, I can be a part of the changing world and i can prove people that a woman can be an INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION ENGINEER.

Okay, But why you want to work in Water treatment projects?

Because – Water is very essential to human & of course to living species. To make any product we need water. So I consider WATER is the most important thing to living organisms. So I want to be a part in the process of producing usable water. So using my engineering skills & industrial automation, I can be a part of that industry by working in it.

Okay, But why now you want to work as AUTOMATION ENGINEER?

Because – Automation Engineer or control engineer will work on sites who is the responsible for running the plant from design to implement. So he may get the chance to

Visit various plants in the world

Work with different people in the plant

Get different experiences

So I can get all this if I am An Automation Engineer.

But female engineers don’t go to site. Lot of issues there as a society. So do you think it is possible for you to do what you think to do?

It may be tough. I may not get opportunities. I searched internet, I contacted many people. The result is not possible – “working in site as a female automation engineer”. Very few might get the chances. But all I was doing is searching for the examples & I could not find. So I thought I could do that. I can work in sites. I can do what the male counterpart does in sites. I can start the path. But yeah, its very tough. Not at all easy. So let me try & show the results to people whether I can or cant, whether a woman like me can or cant. So I am going to do research in this topic by putting myself to do this.

But you can choose any other easy way to do this, why do you choose this tough path as you can choose an easy way?

Yeah, because I may be a kid ….

who is very stubborn in some things,

who is trying to prove herself by doing the extradinary things,

who is willing to put herself in problems to get the solutions

who is trying to enlarge the boundaries that was created by society

But how can you believe that you can do this?

Because – I have already done this kind of things in my life.

I am the first graduate in my family

I am the one who made my family to accept a girl can work in the society.

I am the one who made my sister to do her engineering with 50+ boys with no girls

I am the one who did youtube videos without hijab

I am the one who go beyond the rules that made by my family!

So I already have these experiences under my 20s. Now I am 27. I have already earned money, I have some exposure. So that I can do this.

Everything seems good, but do you have resources to do this? Lets see tomorrow..



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